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Julie Eickhoff

---------------------------------------Voice Artist

Leaves Shadow


Do you have an Audiobook project? An Elearning or technical project?  

Julie provides voice-over services when you need your audience to TRUST, FEEL or LEARN from you.

With over a decade of experience, Julie professionally delivers world-class voice overs.

                 -----Professional service and quick turn-around times-----

Listen to Demos

Audiobook Demo
ELearning Demo
Commercial Demo
IVR Demo
About Julie

With a background in broadcast television, Julie has an easy-to-listen-to voice that is confident, expressive and straight-forward. Whether you need the voice of an intelligent, approachable mom, or a technical trainer, Julie's honest, articulate voice will get the message across. Julie has a midwestern dialect which is widely versatile across the globe. This works well for corporate presentations and training.

Voice Overs

Specializing in voice overs for E Learning, training modules, web videos, corporate videos, explainer videos, commercials, telephone systems, telephone surveys, virtual tours, narration and audiobooks.

When you need your audience to


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