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Finding Your Voice

If you need your audience to learn something, trust something or feel something, Julie Eickhoff may be the voice you need.

Julie Eickhoff is a full-time voice actor.  With a background in broadcast television, Julie has an easy-to-listen-to voice that is confident, expressive and straight-forward. Whether you need the voice of an intelligent, approachable mom, or a technical trainer, Julie's honest, articulate voice will get the message across. Julie has a midwestern dialect which is widely versatile across the globe. This works well for corporate presentations and training.


While Julie has worked with many advertising agencies, production houses and a variety of project managers, the list of companies using her voice includes the following:


Samsung, Best Western, ING, GE, Nextiva, Pearson, Prentice Hall, Security National Bank, Western Iowa Technical College, Goodwill of the Great Plains, The Crittenton Center and many, many more.


Julie is also an experienced audiobook narrator and is an Audible Approved Producer.  Julie has narrated over 120 audiobooks which are currently available on iTunes, Amazon and Audible.


Julie has extensive experience with voicing eLearning and training modules, corporate and non-profit videos, and audiobooks including textbooks.  Another specialty area is telephone recordings, including IVR and telephone surveys. Julie truly offers the best in training, narration and IVR recordings.

authoritative - professional - trustworthy - caring - genuine - honest - sympathetic - thoughtful - gentle - intelligent - experienced - influential - convincing - serious - refined - sensitive - slightly lower pitched - thought provoking - meaningful - natural - friendly

Ideal Projects

Corporate videos, motivational, explainer or informational projects, training and elearning,  telephone recordings, documentary-style projects, non-fiction audiobooks or complex explanations, whiteboard animation

Custom Demo

If you or your client prefer a custom demo, please contact us to make a request.  Simply send a sample of your script and an email address.

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