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Voice-Over Rates

Non-Union Rates - Save You Money!

Hire a non-union voice artist, get the same great product but save money!  General rates are provided here as guidance and are influenced by the Global Voice Acting Academy standard rate guide for medium size markets, experienced talent.  All job requests will be provided an accurate quote once the specific details of the job are confirmed.  At all times, your budget will be taken into consideration.

Non-Broadcast – No Internet, Web, TV, Radio

Share, Explain and Train

Corporate Video, Explainers, Whiteboard Videos

$100/finished minute ($200 minimum)


Training, Tutorial Modules, eLearning Projects

$20/finished minute plus $2/split ($250 minimum)

(discount for ongoing training programs)

Internet Use

Corporate Video, Explainers, Whiteboard Videos

$125/finished minute ($250 minimum)



Telephone Recordings

IVR (Interactive Voice Responses) Greeting plus Phone Tree

$150 plus $2/prompt

On-Hold Message


Phone Surveys

$5.25/prompt ($125 minimum)

(discounts for ongoing survey projects)




Edited and mastered, ready to upload to Audible

$450/finished hour



Broadcast Commercials

TV, Radio, Web

There are many variables here, from the size of the market to the duration of the ad. Please contact us to discuss the project and obtain a quote.

Non-Profit Projects
Projects completed for non-profit agencies are discounted


Scratch Tracks

Audio narration to be used for pilot projects, test projects or for project proposals


Up to 2 minutes - $75

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