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Online Courses

Julie is the creator of The Online School for Voice Over...a suite of courses designed to help you become a voice artist. 

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FREE Mini Course

This free mini-course will answer your questions as it explores the world of voice overs. Get an inside look at the field and decide if you're ready to learn more. 

Full Course

A comprehensive video-based course designed to lead you step-by-step through the process of setting up your voice over business. It's efficient and actionable. Set up your recording space, get the right equipment, learn how to use your equipment, edit audio and run your business.

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  • Video-based course with an accompanying downloadable Audacity Handbook

  • Learn techniques to solve your editing problems

  • Become faster at editing and mastering

  • Consistently meet ACX Submission Guidelines

  • Imagine your software being easier to use, having more functions and set up with shortcuts that save you time

For Anyone!

Ready to tell your story? Create your own audio autobiography. Weekly prompts will guide you through the project. No need for professional recording equipment or writing it all down. Step-by-step guidance through the course.

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